Coordination Information

Design Goals:

in order of priority

  1. Quick. Doug should be able to run the economy and still have time for diplomacy and war.
  2. Easy. Tau said it best: all game aids should be built such that using them incorrectly is hard and using them correctly is intuitively obvious
  3. Extensible. Any concept that fits within this universe should be buildable in this system.
  4. Fun. Interacting with the rules systems should be inherently enjoyable, not a chore.
  5. High conflict. The system should encourage conflict and it should be as viable of a way of expanding economy as focusing inward.
  6. Balanceable. The system must stay balanced even when implementing the completely unexpected during game
  7. Low growth. The growth curve should be extremely flat
  8. Flavorful. A faction should feel like what it is, even when it is not using a mechanic unique to them.
  9. Simulationist. The economy should feel like an economy, not an abstract game.

Stylistic Guide for Outgoing Documents:

  • Text should be in Book Antiqua 11pt
  • Headings in Book Antiqua bold 18pt
  • Subheadings in Book Antiqua bold italic 12pt


Wiki editing help:

As it is relevant, Doug's creative principles and Tau's Rule Design Philosophy from Aleph IV.